Grace Academy of Small Wonders

Shaping the hearts and minds of girls through godly character, spiritual awareness, mental well-being, social skills and etiquette.

Godly Character

Honesty, Kindness, Integrity

Spiritual Awareness

Developing the inner person and self-talk

Mental Well-Being

Dealing with with negative emotions positively


Each day a girl should look into a mirror and speak her “I am” affirmations; it is her truth.

Social Skills and Etiquette

Developing appropriate social skills and personal etiquette for public settings to foster healthy interactions with others.    

I felt  like I could smile again.I learned it’s better to be a peacmaker than a bully.

Emily - age 9

 With determination in her eyes and grace in her steps, that’s a girl growing into a woman!

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Never give up

Sometimes people are mean, school can be difficult, and family relationships are not be the best.  It may seem like things won’t ever get better, but they will.  Never give up; always believe in yourself.  Challenges will make you stronger when you handle them the right way.  Even if you have to start over, learn from your mistakes.  Reach for the sky  and be the best person you were born and destined to be. Grace to you!

Lead with integrity

At GAOSW, girls learn early the value of leadership skills and set an example of effective leadership to their young peers.  Ten year old Anissa shares how GAOSW helped her deal with conflict, stay focused on her goals, and develop her leadership skills.  Good leaders possess confidence, determination, and integrity.  Anissa certainly demonstrates these attributes and is well on her way to being a poised and competent leader.  You can be a good leader, too, with GAOSW.  Grace to you!

Identity: Knowing who you are

Many girls today struggle with identity.  They look for value outside themselves rather than look within.  This can cause a girl to struggle with body image and self-worth leading to deeper issues of insecurity  or never feeling good enough.  It’s difficult for a girl to make consistent choices leading to her greatest potential when she is unaware of who she is inside. Certified life coach, Cyndi Bowers-Martin, who also specializes in positive self esteem by helping girls release the queen within, shares the pitfalls of not knowing who you are.  GAOSW will help girls discover their never-ending inner beauty.  Grace to you!


“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”   – Nelson Mandela 

Factors Correlated to Female Delinqueny

* Girls experience more negative life events than boys and can be ore sensitive

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