Girl Time Together

"But to each one of us, grace has been given..."

Ephesians 4:7

Director and Founder

Gloria A. Terry just love girls and when you have a love for girls, you want the very best for them.  With a daughter (and son), 2 granddaughters, 3 nieces, and 5 great-nieces, Ms. Terry has watched girls grow around her into young women all her life and it’s inspiring to witness girls discovering the treasures they are to this world and to know their lives have deep meaning and purpose. Passionate about mentoring girls effectively to bring out their grace, Ms. Terry founded Grace  Academy of Small Wonders in 2012.  “Girls maturing into young women need strong and stable role models today,” Ms. Terry said.  “And they need role models who can teach them much more than the exact way to apply make-up or to post the picture-perfect selfie.”

Ms. Terry fosters emotional intelligence, spiritual awareness and the social aptitude girls tody growing into women will need to sustain them with success and respect as women.  A graduate of Hiram College, Ms. Terry received a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and has done graduate studies in the Women’s Leadership and Christian Ministries.  She received a Lifework Leadership Certificate of Graduation and is also a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Mental Health Coach, and is a licensed and ordained Christian minister.

“Life’s adversities and difficult experiences can be our greatest teachers when we endure them with wisdom and grace,” Ms. Terry said.  “We might struggle at first to find the value of difficulties and pain, but the lessons are definitely there and will make us better humans, if we surrender to the process.  It’s crucial that we don’t give up or become a sell-out.”  Ms. Terry is also a writer and published author who helps girls find their “inner voice” through journaling, reflection, and self-awareness.  

Ms. Terry has personally witnessed how God’s grace is a wonder within the heart of a child, and her goal at GAOSW is to help every little girl participating in the program discover that wonder and grace.