Building Good Character in Young Lives

Character is lasting beauty that endures throughout the years.  Today, more than ever in our world of social media and “selfies” where much attention is given to how one looks, young girls and women, too, need to be reminded that the greater focus should be inwardly and nurturing who they are becoming.  GAOSW’s message to girls is simple:  “Real and lasting beauty begins within the heart and is demonstrated in good and godly character.” 

What Grace Academy of Small Wonders Believes:

7 Pillars of Belief

  • Supporting children is to gently care for a young, innocent, growing human souls.
  • Nurturing children is a God-given responsibility and priviledged gift.
  • Guiding children is to be a role model of integrity leading by example.
  • Honoring children is to teach a child respect of self and respect of others.
  • Training children is to prepare a child with a readily accessible toolbox of life skills that teach a child how to think and problem solve on his or her own.
  • Believing in children is to awaken the greatest potential within and the vast possibilities that lay dormant in the young heart of a child.
  • Loving children is to demonstrate to a child that they are valuable, treasured, and loved keeping them safe from harm so they are secure knowing their well-being means everything.

Grace Academy of Small Wonders — supporting, nurturing, guiding, honoring, training, believing in, and loving children (young girls) in a way they will know who they are and develop high esteem based on a godly foundation and fulfill their greatest potential.  GAOSW is shaping the hearts and minds of girls growing into young women and our leaders of tomorrow.